DIY Camera Accessories

After our creative photography blog, I could not help but look into some creative accessories to personalize your camera and make it your own! While the “little black strap” is a classic, why not try one of these colorful alternatives! All of these DIY looks can be made with items you probably already have around the house, and for those of you who don’t, any second hand or craft store will have you covered.

Silk Scarf Camera Strap


Personally, I have always had a slight addiction to scarves, whether in silk, wool,

chiffon cotton, I cannot seem to get enough! So this particular DIY camera strap

really caught my eye! You can customize the length, color and texture!




Necktie Camera Strap


Another ingenious DIY strap is the Necktie strap! Dress up your camera

for any occasion! Perfect for weddings, quinceañerasor just going out for

the day!





Painted Camera Strap


Finally, the last inventive camera strap allows the inner artist to truly express

themselves! This particular technique calls for 2 yards of cotton webbing; one of

my unique takes on this is to reuse an old girl scout belt!







How will you show off your unique style? Share your ideas!

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